If you are a gamer or are using graphics-intensive software on your computer, someday or the other you must have faced (or are about to face) problems where your machine begins to falter. While this may happen for a number of different reasons, the most likely one is that your existing graphics card can no longer handle the heavy graphics required by your application.

As computing technology advances, graphics and rendering software as well as games are becoming more and more demanding of resources. So, what is the solution?

While you can always think about buying a new graphics card (which will pinch your pocket pretty nicely), another alternative you can look into is Overclocking.

What Is Overclocking Anyway?

Overclocking simply helps to achieve that potential.

Simply put, Overclocking is a method by which you can increase the performance of your graphics card by allowing its various components to work at above-optimal levels.

Our hardware systems are generally designed with the capability to work beyond their average capacity. Overclocking simply helps to achieve that potential.

Overclocking Overview

Overclocking can be a simple enough task if done properly and with the right tools. The following are some requirements which are essential for overclocking:

  • Make sure your computer is up-to-date and has all the latest drivers.
  • Use a benchmarking tool such as 3DMark or Unigine to check your current performance.
  • Download Overclocking software such as MSI Afterburner.
  • Research appropriate information regarding your graphics card specifications.
  • Keep a cool head to make proper use of these tools.

Once you have gathered the above, you are ready to take the leap and overclock your graphics-card. For a step-by-step guide on using MSI Afterburner for overclocking, click here.

Does Overclocking Really Work?

Does Overclocking Really Work?

Yes, it does.

But be advised, there are no gold standards regarding overclocking performance.

The results of overclocking vary based on a multitude of factors such as your graphics card specs, your CPU, RAM, cooling-system and so on.

Also important is the software or games whose performance you want to improve.

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Dangers Of Overclocking

Also keep in mind that unless done properly, overclocking can damage your graphics card.

Overclocking is not without its risks. By forcing the components of your graphics card to work faster, you are pumping more voltage into the system. This results in greater heat generation and may require you to spend on more efficient cooling systems.

Also keep in mind that unless done properly, overclocking can damage your graphics card. Unstable overclocking may result in decreasing the lifespan of your GPUs over time or may even cause a burnout. Also, it may damage other components like your RAM and CPU. So be wise and overclock in careful, incremental steps.

So, should you overclock? If you are confident that you have all the necessary tools and information, and are sure that it will benefit you, then definitely!

While the performance improvement will depend on your system configuration, if properly executed, overclocking can improve the output of your graphics card and also save you some money in the process.