About Me

The fraternity of computer users is constantly looking for more information about the latest software’s and hardware devices.

This fraternity consists not just of tech geeks but also students and professional who want to get the best out of their PCs.

The reason I chose to have a website dedicated to MSI Afterburner is because gaming is fast becoming one of the most popular pastimes among young and even not so young people. In fact, gaming is no longer an activity for kids and teenagers as it was thought to be earlier. Those in their 30’s and even 40’s who grew up with video and PC games haven’t lost the passion for gaming.

So, software’s that help gamers around the world is bound to be of great use to a growing number of people. And Afterburner is just that type of software. In fact, the whole phenomenon of overclocking has become a rage among techies around the world. There is even a competition among them as to who can overclock the most. There are even attempts at setting records.

Therefore, a website that focuses on this very activity and informs readers about the most popular applications for this purpose will be very useful and be great help to computer users around the world.

Overclocking started as an experiment and a hobby among tech wizards. But it was only a matter of time before the secret of unlocking latent power of your system would leak out and become a rage all over the world. This has materialized and now what we need is dispersal of information about how to do is safely without endangering your computer parts.

This is especially important for those people, especially students, who cannot afford the fancy new gaming computers in the market and yet want to enjoy the best games available. Overclocking allows these people to partake in the joy of playing these graphic-intensive games without having to shell extra money or buying second-hand computer parts like fans for this purpose.

The world of gamers, or even netizens, is a growing community where people selflessly help those whom they have never seen or met nor are likely to.

It may be going a bit to far but internet is where one sees a great example of altruism. To further this and connect with the millions is a task that I find very appealing and hence have embarked on this endeavor.

The Road Ahead

Now that I have been able to create this forum, the hope is that it will continue to grow at the same pace at which online communities, these days, expand. It is clear that the intention here is not self-aggrandizement by claiming that I know all but to exchange information and the sources of information also that benefit this large community of worldwide computer-users.

I would love to hear from the readers and visitors to this site and get their advice on how to bring further improvements while trying for them myself all the time.

I hope that the free spirit of enquiry and openness to share knowledge would not only be appreciated buy reciprocated by the readers in the form of communications through the channels listed in the ‘Contact me’ section of the site.

The unique feature of the online world is the free flow of information. This was something not seen before. Yes, newspapers and books played a key role in spreading knowledge but now the internet has taken the flow of information to a whole new level allowing people from the remotest corners of the world to communicate and talk to those from the most advanced.

The fact that somebody sitting in New York can give advice to a person in Ghana about how to improve your gaming experience shows that internet is more capable and has already done more to create a global fraternity and break down boundaries.

Yes, internet also has its down side and not all information is useful and could even be dangerous but the solution to rectify lies with us. We can by ensuring that there are sufficient sources of accurate information prevent people from following wrong advice. This is the main reason this website is being launched.