Fraternity Of Overclockers

Overclocking may have started as a hobby and an experiment among tech geeks but has now become an activity passionately engaged in by PC users across the world.

Consequently, a community of Overclockers has emerged who connect through the internet and share tips and other types of information about methods of overclocking.

Through the websites listed below, you can get the latest information on this subject.

The Most Prominent Overclocking Websites:

What website can have a better name, if related to overclocking, than Here you can get all the latest information on all aspects of overclocking. You can also go to the forum of the website to connect with other users and share your thoughts and your queries with them.

Another perfectly named site carrying loads of information about hardware and software is This site is more like a forum and you can find tech enthusiasts from around the world engaged in discussions here.

As the name suggests, this website takes overclocking seriously. A forum for great discussions which don’t remain limited to overclocking but go beyond it as well, is a great place for geeks.

Although this site is not limited to overclocking, you will find a great deal of discussion regarding it and plenty of information also. Just go to their overclocking forum and there is plenty on that topic also.


A very well-known forum for all things hardware, also has forums dedicated to this particular issue with a bulk of information. Just go to the section dealing with overclocking for more information.

If your need for information goes beyond overclocking and concerns hardware in general, here is a list of websites dedicated to it.