Gamers searching for that perfect gaming solution for your PC, the Afterburner app is the key. With its overclocking programs, it can gear up your computer’s performance so that the graphics card installed on your system delivers optimally.

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How Does Afterburner Work?

Afterburner uses a technology with which it can manage different components of the computer’s GPU. This includes managing the core clock and voltage, power, memory clock, and the processor’s fan speed. Afterburner has emerged as an effective tool and is being in the hardware market for a variety of graphics cards.


The Unique Features Of Afterburner

Afterburner comes with exclusive features. Over and above the detailed overview of the hardware that it provides, it has been designed with video recording and offers customizing fan profiles. What makes it customer-friendly is its free availability which makes it accessible for being effectively used with a range of graphics cards other than the MSI brand as well.

With the Overclocking tools that the Afterburner provides, you don’t have to worry about exceeding the graphics card limits anymore. The card settings can be accessed; thanks to the Overclocking tools. Moreover, with the controllable fan speed, you can expect your computer to perform better in balanced temperature conditions. So, your overall gaming is boosted with the overclocking mechanism where you can simply have the video card overclocked to deliver faster and smoother gaming without spending a dime from your pockets.

The overclocking function isn’t difficult either. All you need is to turn on the Afterburner. Once done, you will see two columns on your screen for overclocking which are the GPU clock and the Memory clock on your system. Advanced users can monitor the GPU, FPS status and memory while playing the game and accordingly adjust the screenshots. Overclocking is safe!

The Afterburner has been designed for Windows although it can be used widely for any desired program. Though it’s called the MSI Afterburner it doesn’t need an MSI video card and can work with any other graphics card, regardless of the manufacturer.

The latest Afterburner tool works effectively on systems with GTX800M and GTX900M graphics and the best part is that it works seamlessly on all major mobile platforms as well. With a suitable software version, it can be overclocked to work smoothly on the MSI Gaming series notebooks as well.



Although compared to other brands, overclocking is going to be smoother on MSI notebooks owing to an enhanced thermal design; it can boost your graphics performance on any device up to 15% on 3D. Experience faster gaming with Afterburner now!