Alternatives To MSI Afterburner

Undoubtedly, MSI’s overclocking program, Afterburner has emerged as the market leader with many users placing their faith in it.

However, that doesn’t mean Afterburner is the only such application available which is worthy of being tried.

There are some alternatives to Afterburner that you could get as easily and use for the same purpose. You could get to know some of them here.

Possible Alternatives To MSI Afterburner:

EVGA Precision X

Possibly the second most popular overclocking software, EVGA’s Precision X can be downloaded from the company’s official site. The program is meant for NVIDIA graphic cards and doesn’t work with AMD cards.

The software can save up to 10 profiles instead of five which MSI Afterburner allows. It also allows you to change your GPU clock offset and memory clock offset along with giving you the ability to overclock the refresh rate.

AMD Overdrive

For those who have an AMD processor, its Overdrive is an ideal software for overclocking. It can be downloaded for free from this site. What makes this a special software is that you can make changes to the clock of the RAM as well as speed of the fans.

On top of that, Overdrive gives you direct information about the state of your processor while you are engaged in overclocking. Plus you can make the necessary changes to voltage and clock settings.


Another very useful software for overclocking comes from the ASUS brand. The GPU Tweak II can be downloaded from here.

Just like the other reliable software’s meant for this purpose, Tweak II also allows you to make the necessary adjustments to GPU components and save four profiles with custom settings. It also lets you monitor your GPU’s status in real-time.

Along with this, you get two preloaded settings, namely, Power Saving and Gaming for special purposes.