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A revolutionary team building seminar focused on one thing - better productivity.

Your team has the guts. Now it's time for the glory.

Your team has experienced The Afterburner Day team building seminar. Now it's time to accelerate. It's time for greater productivity. It's time to thoroughly communicate and flawlessly execute the Mission with a different kind of Flawless Execution℠ training.

Most companies fail at the most crucial point... communicating the Mission and getting people online to execute it. They issue marching orders to start running for the finish line before they even tell the troops where it is. This leaves gaping holes open to error. Productivity slips, morale drops, the competition gets a leg up.

Mach 2 Execution takes teams beyond basic Afterburner Day Flawless Execution℠ training - To supersonic speed and maximum productivity.

In this high-energy and active session, your team tests its own abilities in two crucial elements of the Flawless Execution Model℠:

  • Clearly communicating the Mission, and
  • Overcoming Task Saturation℠ during the execution of the Mission.

9:00 AM: The Boys Are Back In Town!

The Fighter Pilots are back - so your team immediately knows this is NOT your typical team building seminar or workshop. The energy is high and you jump right into Battle Simulation #1. The enemy has seized control of a small island in the South Pacific and established a base there. And your ships have essential supplies which must pass nearby, en route to ports in the Far East. Can you maintain this critical supply route? Will you be able to flawlessly execute the Mission?

This is Mach 2 Execution. We bring you the same powerful and motivational speakers from The Afterburner Day, the same legendary multimedia graphics and rare video footage. And in Mach 2, team skill sets are advanced. This is where the rubber really meets the road.

Teams experience in depth the bedrock practice of the Air Force & The Mission Briefing. On this briefing hinges everything. You may have the best plan in the world, but it's going to fall flat if you can't get your team to fully grasp and buy in to the Mission.

Many share the misconception that the military is only able to achieve discipline through a strict chain of command. In reality, the kind of discipline needed to achieve Flawless Execution is created through the Mission Briefing Process. During this team building seminar, our Fighter Pilots teach a simple, but powerful, briefing technique to ensure everyone stays on Mission and does what they said they would do.

10:45 AM: Learn step by step how to translate a plan into action.

Before the morning is out, you and your team are tested again in Battle Simulation #2. They get to try what they've just learned. They test their ability to brief the Mission. Their results make crystal clear any gaps in understanding.

12:00 PM: You and your team have lunch with the Fighter Pilots.

When you finish your Mission, you will go to lunch and report back to the Main Briefing Room to learn about the silent killer: Task Saturation℠. Have you ever had a meltdown? You'll learn what it is, how Fighter Pilots manage it, and how you can, too.

12:45 PM: Overcome the silent killer...Task Saturation.

Once the value and power of the briefing is established, your team will next meet and defeat any military or business Fighter Pilot's top threat...Task Saturation℠. Does the stress and sheer volume of activities take your people to the brink of meltdown? Fighter Pilots can't afford to have a meltdown in a $30 million dollar aircraft on a life-threatening Mission. To make sure this never happens, Fighter Pilots have developed tools to manage Task Saturation℠. Among these tools are Cross-checks, Checklists, Mutual Support and Task Shedding.

  • Cross-checks. Cross-checks are the scanning patterns Pilots use to ensure that they are focused on the right things even during task and information overload. With a clear focus on Flawless Execution℠ training, we will teach your team a simple way to stay on Mission in a rapidly-changing environment by developing and using cross-checks.
  • Checklists. Checklists are used by Fighter Pilots to guarantee that standards are followed to the letter in environments where there is no room for procedural errors. During this team building seminar, we will teach your team how to improve the quality of execution through the use of checklists and how to develop normal and emergency procedures checklists for your business.
  • Mutual Support. Teamwork is more than giving each other high fives. Fighter Pilots develop and use specific contracts and procedures that ensure the entire team executes each Mission flawlessly, not just the star players. Your team will experience the value of mutual support first hand.
  • Task Shedding. At an altitude of 10,000 feet a Pilot has time to deal with a myriad of tasks from scanning the radar to communicating with wingmen and maneuvering the aircraft. At 100 feet everything changes. With less than a half a second to recover from a bad maneuver, a Pilot must "shed" all other activities and focus exclusively on not hitting the ground. In business, these same principles apply. Throughout this team building seminar, you and your team will learn how and when to use Task Shedding techniques so your team doesn't fly their Missions into the ground, ever.

3:00 PM: Mach 2 Execution is complete and your team returns to the job armed with powerful knowledge.

Mach 2 Execution is like every Afterburner Flawless Execution℠ training program. It's motivational and lasting. Teams learn by doing, and that learning becomes part of how they do their jobs. In Mach 2, they get deeper understanding of the Flawless Execution Model℠. Back at work, they begin to feel control in the most difficult and uncertain situations. No matter what the competition or future holds, teams can overcome threats and maintain flexibility to succeed in even in the harshest business environments.

It's not a "macho" thing, it's a Flawless Execution thing.

A course taught by Fighter Pilots is obvious fun for the guys, but all our clients report that women are just as drawn in by our Programs as the men. The core message during each team building seminar is not about male bravado, jets or war. It's about powerful processes that men - and women - Fighter Pilots use everyday to return safely and successfully from their Missions. Everyone is empowered by learning these processes.

If it works for NATO, it'll work for your global team.

Arguably the world's highest-performing teams are the Fighter Pilots who come together to carry out NATO military objectives. These are Pilots from many nationalities, working together in strange territory to execute perfectly coordinated Missions. They use the same Flawless Execution℠ training we teach at Afterburner. It works for NATO, and it works for global teams in companies we've taught all over the world. With offices in 3 countries and clients in 18 countries, Afterburner is a global team, too. We know how to get everyone involved in a team building seminar, workshop, or event. How could your global team benefit from a shared Flawless Execution℠ training session?

Accelerate your team's progress with Mach 2 Execution.

When the destination is clear, people are drawn to it. Learning the power of briefing the Mission, your team will operate like a well-oiled machine. Knowing how to eliminate task overwhelm, your team will be unstoppable. Book this exceptional opportunity to continue the acceleration now.

To schedule a team building seminar or for more information on Flawless Execution℠ training events, call us today at , or click here to contact us. Or, find another team building seminar, workshop, or event.

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