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Flawless Sales Execution Video

Afterburner's motivational keynote speakers help you discover sales performance improvement.

Sales - when failure is not an option!

When the economy is great, having a sales team that is less than flawless is tolerable. Let's be honest. 80% effectiveness is great for most sales teams. 80% effective means most of the reps hit their numbers, most of the managers get bonuses, and investors see an acceptable respectable return.

The economy is not what it used to be.

For most companies, soft demand means the people on the front lines of sales have to take up the slack. Nobody wants whining or excuses about why a quota can't be met. Excuses don't make payroll. Like the world of combat, failure is not an option.

But how can a team see overnight sales performance improvement? Get ready for the new Flawless Sales Execution Keynote, taught by Afterburner's knowledgeable motivational keynote speakers.

What is Next Generation Selling?

Times have changed. Has your sales team? In the Fighter Pilot world, new technology is rapidly changing the rules of the game. The tactics pilots used 20 years ago no longer work today. The enemy has changed, the weapons have changed, and the capabilities of the technology have changed. The world of sales has changed as well. What worked for our fathers in sales no longer works in the new millennium. In this unique sales keynote, Afterburner's sales performance advisors teach your sales team about key shifts in the business of sales that your team MUST know.

One of the most important changes is the idea that your customer is a system.

The nature of most sales people is to put all of their energy into a single relationship with the "decision maker" or buyer group at the expense of all of the other key relationships in the system. In the world of combat, we look at the whole environment as a system, and we look for ways to impact that system at key leverage points called Centers of Gravity. In this keynote, our motivational keynote speakers will teach your sales team how to map your customers' systems. And you will learn to use this concept to penetrate large accounts, improve sales, and improve loyalty.

Our sales performance advisors will also teach your team how to:

  • Be a part of the value proposition rather than just communicate one
  • Be a solution provider rather than a manager of sales transactions
  • Create rapport with clients through shared experience rather than projecting a "successful image."

And much more.

Afterburner Sales Performance Advisors Help You Apply the Power of Flawless Execution to Everyday Selling

Plan. Brief. Execute. Debrief - is the recipe for success for Fighter Pilots around the world. It works in the business of combat, and it works in the business of selling. Afterburner motivational keynote speakers will teach your sales team how to harness the power of Flawless Execution℠, starting with planning. You'll learn the Six Steps to Mission Planning and apply them to your next annual sales strategy, account plan, or even a sales call.

You will also learn the power of Debriefing. How many times have you heard a salesperson admit that he or she made a mistake? Let's face facts - it takes a strong ego to succeed in sales, and strong egos don't like to admit mistakes. The problem is not that people don't admit's that your sales team never has a chance to learn from experience. Performance stays flat, and you never have a chance to address the root causes of lost sales. In this keynote, our motivational keynote speakers will teach your team how to use the STEALTH Debrief module to glean Lessons Learned and accelerate the experience of your whole team, while learning how to boost sales performance improvement internally.

There are plenty of motivational keynote speakers giving you the same old stuff you've heard for the past 20 years - pitching the value proposition, handling objections, and closing the deal. Get ready to learn things you have NEVER heard before. And get ready for breakthrough performance when your team experiences the Flawless Sales Execution Keynote led by Afterburner's enthusiastic motivational keynote speakers.

To schedule a "Flawless Sales Execution" keynote, or for more information on sales performance improvement, call us today at , or click here to contact us. We also invite you to learn more about our experienced group of motivational keynote speakers.

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