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Individual Programs: Leading Sales Execution Workshop: Leadership Skills for Frontline Sales ManagersAfterburner Programs

sales execution planning

Leading Flawless Sales Execution is a 2-day intensive workshop focused on developing your capacity to lead sales people and improve their performance day-in and day-out. In this course, Afterburner combines cutting edge leadership coaching techniques for sales managers with the power of the Flawless Execution Model℠. Success in sales management relies on strong sales execution planning and powerful leadership. Afterburner brings you both.

Most sales managers grow through the ranks of sales and find themselves in sales management, woefully unequipped to deal with the new challenges of the job. Following a sales execution model is one thing; leading people is another. How do you lead star performers to new levels of performance? And more importantly, how do you coach or replace the problem children, the Prima Donnas, and the poachers who threaten to wreck your team, despite the fact they may post sales numbers every month?

Learning Outcomes of Leadership Coaching

The purpose of the Leading Flawless Sales Execution Workshop is to provide leadership coaching to Sales Managers in order to boost the performance of their sales teams. There are two key assumptions underlying this program. The first assumption is that sales leaders play critical roles in sales organization performance. Poor sales leaders set vague expectations and standards, spend little time developing and motivating associates, and do not hold people accountable for substandard performance. Because of poor sales execution planning, they tend to have less than optimal sales records.

Effective sales leaders possess self-insight about their strengths, drivers, and potential weaknesses, and use this leadership coaching knowledge to build cohesive sales teams that achieve superior results. The second assumption is that more effective sales leaders systematically spend time assessing, coaching, and motivating sales associates. Less effective sales leaders either lack coaching skills or use a 'sink or swim' mentality when it comes to developing and motivating associates.

By the time you learn the Leading Flawless Sales Execution model you will:

  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of one's day-to-day behavior patterns as a leader.
  • Gain insight into one's personal work values and how to better motivate sales associates by leveraging work values.
  • Understand the personality traits and work values associated with sales force effectiveness and ineffectiveness.
  • Develop a compelling teachable point of view for hiring, motivating, and leading sales associates.
  • Understand and assess a sales team against four primary types of sales associates (Stars, Potential Performers, Pirates, and Problem Children) and how to create teams of Stars.
  • Understand how one's dark side personality traits interfere with leadership coaching, the ability to build sales teams and the ability use the sales execution model to get results through others.
  • Understand and practice using the Flight Plan Coaching model to address different sales associate performance issues.
  • Understand how the Winning Conversations coaching model can be used to improve sales associate performance when interacting with clients.
  • Understand and practice using the Flawless Execution Model℠ to coach different sales associate and client interaction problems.
  • Review current sales meeting practices and create more powerful battle rhythm of Planning and Debriefing.
  • Create a leadership coaching action plan to improve personal effectiveness as well as the performance of current sales associates.
  • Get better sales results by setting clearer expectations, holding people accountable for meeting expectations, and coaching sales associates to perform at higher levels.

Leading Flawless Sales Execution Agenda

Day 1

  • The New Rules of Sales Management
  • Hogan Personality Inventory: Knowing Yourself
  • Motives, Values, & Preferences: Understanding How You Create Culture
  • Developing a Teachable Point of View: Why Should Anyone Follow You?
  • Assessing Your Team's Development Needs

Day 2

  • Hogan Development Survey: Understanding Your Dark Side as a Leader
  • Two Coaching Models: Coaching Client Interactions and Support Activities
  • Creating a Sales Battle Rhythm using the Flawless Execution Model℠
  • Creating and Using a Sales Playbook
  • Leadership Coaching Action Planning


$2995 per person. Ask about group discounts for 5 or more

Who Should Attend The Leading Flawless Sales Execution Seminar?

  • VP Sales
  • Sales Managers
  • Candidates for Sales Management

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