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Individuals Who Learn to Improve Performance. Teams That Learn to Lead Their Companies to Greatness.

Gain competitive insight from an Afterburner professional motivational speaker.

Many organizations suffer from chronic execution failures because they are unable to learn from their mistakes. Individuals or small teams may learn lessons, but these lessons are rarely used in corporate team development and are rarely disseminated to other groups that could use the knowledge. Chronic failures never get resolved, opportunities are lost, and corporate cynicism is reinforced. However, fighter pilots have a highly-institutionalized, corporate team development method for group learning called Debriefing. Debriefing is not a "gripe" session - it is the deadly serious process of learning lessons that will save lives on tomorrow's mission. Debriefing is so important that it is common for a Mission Debrief to last far longer than the Mission itself, a key component that your Afterburner professional motivational speaker will impart to your team.

Our corporate team development workshop teaches the pitfalls of execution failures.

In our Debriefing Workshop led by an experienced Afterburner professional motivational speaker, your team will learn the power of Debriefing through professional team building activities taught by real fighter pilots who have mastered the skill.

Forget the Academics - Your Team is Going to Learn This Stuff by DOING It.

This is not just an academic discussion; rather, our event is comprised of interactive, professional team building exercises. Using our "Demo-Do" methodology, your team, with the help of an Afterburner professional motivational speaker and a team of fighter pilots, will actually Debrief a recently completed Corporate Mission such as the results of a product launch, the latest quarterly sales numbers, or the results of the marketing campaign. Your team will walk away with an understanding of WHY the Mission was a success (or failure) and how the Lessons Learned can be applied to tomorrow's Mission, improving the corporate culture.

Conquer the Corporate Cynicism AND Improve Your Team's Performance.

When you walk away from this team development workshop, your team will have a deeper understanding of the Flawless Execution Model℠, especially the STEALTH℠ Debrief Process. More than that, your corporate keynote speaker will have taught you how to Debrief a real Mission, understand powerful Lessons Learned, and have the tools to make Debriefing part of your corporate culture.

Workshop Timeline:

Time Session Description
9:00 AM Flawless Execution Review Your team has seen the Flawless Execution Model℠ conducted by an Afterburner corporate keynote speaker. Now it's time to go a little deeper.
9:30 Threats and Resources Your team will learn about the STEALTH℠ Debriefing Process and the techniques that will maximize its effectiveness. You will also learn about the different types of Debriefs and how to use them on the job in different situations.
10:00 Demo Once your team has learned about Debriefing and watched one in action, it's time to conduct your own Debriefing session.
10:30 Break
10:45 Tone Our corporate team development workshop will expect you to turn concepts into action. Using a real Corporate Mission that your team has recently completed, you will conduct a STEALTH℠ Debrief. With the coaching of an Afterburner corporate keynote speaker, your team leader will set the tone for the Debrief, using Afterburner leadership principles.
11:00 Execution During this team development exercise, your team will answer questions such as: "Did we meet our objective? Our primary objective? Our secondary objectives?" You will replay the timeline of events that occurred during the Execution of the Mission to set the stage for the in-depth analysis in the next phase of the Debrief.
11:30 Analyze Errors Your team will identify each profit and loss of the Mission and the Cause of each. For each item, your team will drill down to the Root Cause and/or Recurring Root Causes behind each success or failure.
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Lessons Learned Armed with the detailed analysis of the Mission, your team will identify the highest-value Lessons Learned from the Mission. All of these Lessons Learned will be actionable items that can directly apply to future Missions or key processes in your organization.
2:30 Transfer Lessons Learned In this final segment of the corporate team development workshop, your team will convert your Lessons Learned into a distributable format that can benefit the entire team in the next Planning cycle. You will also discuss how to institutionalize Debriefing throughout your team, department or division and standardize how Lessons Learned are distributed across the entire organization.
3:30 Wrap-Up Your corporate keynote speaker offers concluding remarks and points to ponder.


To schedule one of Afterburner's corporate team development events, call us today at , or contact our corporate team building firm online. You can also find other team building activities led by an experienced Afterburner professional motivational speaker.

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