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Strive for Flawless Execution in every mission with Afterburner's Leaning Forward motivational team building event.

Leaning Forward is an interactive, corporate team building event where your team will learn, via lecture and experiential learning, how Fighter Pilots strive for Flawless Execution℠ in every single mission. This program is for clients that want a high energy, motivational team building program but do not have the required 4 to 6 hours of time necessary for an Afterburner Day event. While the Afterburner Day covers the entire Flawless Execution Model℠ (Plan, Brief, Execute, and Debrief), the Leaning Forward corporate team building event focuses entirely on Planning and Debriefing.

Our corporate team building event teaches your company to communicate and operate as one.

9:00 AM: Surprise / General Session

A team of Fighter Pilots armed with bullhorns break into your meeting. They identify your leader and inform him or her that a coalition of hostile competitors is preparing an attack on your market share. You are rushed into a Main Briefing Room through a camouflage netting tunnel where you will see a multimedia presentation about what Fighter Pilots call "Flawless Execution℠." As part of the presentation, you will learn the Six Steps to Combat Mission Planning that you will put to use later in the Mission Planning Exercise.

9:30 AM: Break

9:40 AM: Mission Planning Exercise

During this segment of the motivational team building event, your group will be divided into teams of 15 and will have one hour to complete our acclaimed Mission Planning Exercise. This is a dynamic event where each person provides a piece of the solution. Individuals are forced to communicate their information or the team will suffer as a whole. We use walkie-talkies, mock Scud attacks, sirens, and bullhorns to simulate a battlefield, which helps the group experience Task Saturation℠ firsthand. We guarantee that every member of your team will be energized and engulfed in the scenario. Group dynamics, task management, threat assessment, communication, and leadership are all tested.

10:40 AM: Mission Results / Break

Once the Mission Planning Exercise is over, our Fighter Pilots will give your team their results; the "profit and loss" of the mission.

10:50 AM: General Session Debrief.

Back in the Main Briefing Room, the Main Speaker will Debrief one of your teams "live" on stage using a unique tool we call STEALTH.

11:30 AM: Wrap Up

Wrap up the Leaning Forward corporate team building event in the Main Briefing Room.

Afterburner Executive Team Building Events Will Make Your Team FLAWLESS!!

You will build a FLAWLESS team that excels in every task it undertakes - collectively and individually - when you use the methods you'll learn in the Leaning Forward motivational team building event. If you are ready to book the best corporate team building event available today, click here for our FREE DVD. If you're still not convinced, read a few more of our client testimonials.

To schedule an Afterburner motivational team building event or for more information on our programs, call us today at , or contact us. You can also learn more about our other motivational team building events.

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