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Play Flex U Video

Closing the execution gap is one of the most difficult tasks of any manager and is the primary goal of Afterburner's executive leadership training. Too often, businesses and managers set out to implement a plan or project, only to find a fraction of the business execution strategy realized. That's the execution gap. Organizational friction, poor communication, and a culture that lacks discipline saps our energy and tends to relegate our best efforts to mediocrity.

Close the Execution Gap by Developing an Execution Strategy

The Afterburner Flawless Execution℠ University is designed to help managers close the execution gap by teaching them the critical skills needed to develop an execution strategy by utilizing Flawless Execution℠. The executive leadership training program not only addresses simply how to develop an effective strategy, but also how to establish a clear vision, coordinate team members, and follow through to achieve measurable results and improve corporate culture. According to Larry Bossidy, "The key difference between a company and its competitors is often the ability to execute. Execution is the great unaddressed issue in the business world today."

Our methodology has its roots in the high-reliability world of military aviation. We believe the methods that have allowed some of the best teams in the world to survive and thrive in the business of combat are just as applicable in the world of business. The knowledge that was once reserved for the few who made it to Top Gun is now available to business leaders to improve corporate culture and achieve closure of the execution gap. Our leading-edge executive leadership training curriculum enables managers at all levels in your organization to dramatically improve a business execution strategy, and more importantly: IMPROVE RESULTS.

FlexU Open Enrollment Schedule for 2014

January 30-31
February 11-12
March 18-19
April 22-23
May 20-21
June 17-18
July 22-23
August 19-20
September 23-24
October 21-22
November 18-19
December 16-17

Flex U Programs:

Leading Flawless Execution

Leading Flawless Execution

3-Day Workshop

The course teaches managers how to implement the Flawless Execution Model℠ in a team, department, or division to improve discipline and results. learn more learn more

Leading High Performing Teams

Leading High Performing Teams

2-Day Workshop

This course gives team leaders practical leadership skills to help them create a high performance environment. They will learn to lead teams that communicate, collaborate, and execute flawlessly. learn more learn more

Leading Flawless Sales Execution

Leading Flawless Sales Execution

2-Day Workshop

This course gives sales managers the coaching and leadership skills they need to create exceptional sales performance. learn more learn more

Leading Large Scale Initiatives

Leading Large Scale Initiatives

2-Day Workshop

This course gives senior executives the tools needed to create alignment and coordinated execution across many teams all working on a common organizational initiative. It is ideal for large projects, product launches, mergers, or large organizational changes. learn more learn more

Corporate Coaching

Corporate Wingman

Coaching Program

This support program helps individual executives overcome leadership challenges and stay on course as they implement Flawless Execution℠ methodologies. learn more learn more

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