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Individual Corporate Training & Development ProgramsLearn about the individual corporate training and development that we offer.

Quick and in-depth, Afterburner's corporate training and development programs provide the skills necessary to make informed decisions and close the ever-widening execution gap. Participants in an Afterburner corporate leadership program learn to lead a team to success, while communicating a clear message and identifiable goals. Overcome challenges and take your team to the finish line! Schedule a corporate training and development mission with Afterburner's knowledgeable team of fighter pilots and elite military professionals today.

Afterburner's Corporate Leadership Program Details

Individual Programs

Group Size


Flawless Execution University

Flawless Execution University℠: Advanced Skill Building for Corporate Leaders


2-3 Days

The Afterburner Flawless Execution University is designed to help close the execution gap by teaching skills critical to carrying out Flawless Execution℠ principles. Closing the execution gap is one of the most difficult tasks, and without proper corporate training and development, organizational friction, poor communication, and an undisciplined culture sap energy and relegate our best efforts to mediocrity.

Additional Programs within the Flawless Execution University

Leading Flawless Execution℠ - 3-Day Workshop: Learn how to implement Flawless Execution℠ in a team, department, or division to improve results.

Leading High Performing Teams - 2-Day Workshop: This corporate leadership program provides team leaders with practical leadership skills to create a high-performance, collaborative working environment.

Leading Flawless Sales Execution℠ - 2-Day Workshop: Sales managers discover the benefits of corporate training, development, coaching, and leadership skills that are needed to create superior sales performance.

Leading Large Scale Initiatives℠ - 2-Day Workshop: This corporate leadership program gives senior executives the tools needed to align and coordinate execution across many teams.

Corporate Wingman Program℠ - Coaching Program: This corporate training and development program helps executives overcome leadership challenges and stay on course through supportive measures.