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Keynotes and Corporate SeminarsLearn about our corporate seminars.

Afterburner helps corporations around the world find immediate business relevance, transform existing business practices to high-performing methodologies, and hone certain skill sets. Our three keynotes and corporate seminars help your organization stay ahead of the curve, while each highly knowledgeable keynote motivational speaker walks you and your team through a step-by-by process that demonstrates how to execute flawlessly at every level. Ready to change the way you do business? Schedule one of our corporate seminars now!

Transform Your Business with an Afterburner Keynote Motivational Speaker


Group Size



Plan.Brief.Execute.Debrief = Win: A Fighter Pilot's Secret to Business Success


1 Hour

A high-energy, team building keynote speaker comes to you to help your whole team unleash the powerful tools inherent to Flawless Execution℠ in your organization. Turn your team into winners with our customized corporate seminars.

Leading Flawless Execution from the Top

Leading Flawless Execution℠ from the Top


1-2 Hours

This is one of our lecture-style, team building, corporate seminars designed to equip corporate leaders with the latest strategy and alignment principles used by today's military planners. This is high-level information you won't hear anywhere else!

Flawless Sales Execution

Flawless Sales Execution: When
Failure Is Not an Option


1 Hour

Can a sales team really improve its performance overnight? With Flawless Sales Execution, the answer is a resounding yes! Get ready for one of our newest corporate seminars - Flawless Sales Execution.