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Individual Execution is One Thing. Organizational Execution is Everything.

Discover the secrets behind effective business strategy execution.

Get ready for a whole new way of thinking about planning and execution. Afterburner's Organizational Execution Workshop will help your company achieve new benchmarks of performance with effective business strategy execution. During this 2-day intensive team building workshop, you will learn how to perfectly synchronize execution across diverse teams involved in a common strategy. In this workshop, you will learn secrets of business strategy and execution previously known only to senior US military planners.

Learn to execute missions flawlessly during Afterburner's OrgEx team building workshop.

The power of this program is how it takes your team through four critical questions:

  • WHERE are you going?
  • WHAT are you applying your limited resources against?
  • HOW are you going to execute?
  • EXIT - what are you going to do when you accomplish your goals?

WHERE - Make Your Destination Crystal Clear and Watch the Lift in Your Performance

The best laid plans of your top executives often disintegrate because of poor alignment - hard working people executing their individual agendas. Especially during times of rapid change, people tend to get self-protective. They turn inward and stop communicating. They become information misers instead of information sharers. The result? - a tactically-focused organization full of friction, frustration, and poor strategic performance.

In this team building workshop, the first thing you'll do is create a high resolution and compelling set of measurable goals - a Future Picture. And unlike a "vision statement," your Future Picture will help you achieve the kind of clarity you need to drive Flawless Execution℠ throughout your organization.

WHAT - Target the Areas with the Greatest Potential - Centers of Gravity

With a compelling Future Picture in place, your team is ready to start creating a dynamic campaign plan. During this portion of the team building workshop, your team will learn to use the secrets of creating shock and awe in your market, project, or organizational initiative - targeting Centers of Gravity. While traditional planning tends to focus on a static view of the world - which leads to inflexible plans and missed opportunities - Afterburner takes a systems approach. We help you identify and leverage Centers of Gravity - those things that, when impacted, have the greatest effect for the least amount of time, energy and resources.

HOW - Build and Execute Winning Tactics

With a compelling Future Picture and the right centers of gravity, your team is ready to plan for business strategy and execution. During this portion of the program, your team will move from the strategic to the tactical. Armed with the big-picture perspective with a Future Picture and a campaign plan, your team will learn a methodology for planning and executing tactics using the Flawless Execution Model℠.

EXIT - Win the Peace, not the War.

For military planners, winning the war is not the goal, winning the peace is. Yet most companies never give a second thought about what is going to happen when they meet their strategic objectives. This leaves them unprepared for the next strategic move they need to make when the opportunity (or threat) arises. In this segment of the team building workshop, we will walk your team through a powerful process of planning how you are going to exit your strategy and stay ahead of the competitive rate of change.

To schedule an Afterburner team building workshop or for more information on business strategy and execution, call us today at , or contact us. We also invite you to learn more about our business strategy and execution specialists.
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