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Leading Flawless Execution℠ from the Top with Business Motivational Speaker Jim Murphy

Professional keynote speakers sometimes offer dry renditions of the same speech. Don't expect boring repetition from our leading business motivational speaker, Jim Murphy. He'll increase your team's leadership skills in 90 minutes to two hours with a high-impact Flawless Execution℠ seminar.

Not your average project execution plan.

Your leadership team will learn the Flawless Execution℠ Model: a roadmap for leading teams to get aligned and execute mission critical business objectives. In larger organizations, strategy tends to be disjointed as it doesn't travel down to the front line. This means that the organization is not aligned - execution is disorganized and unfocused.

If you think your team knows where it's going, think again.

Vision tends to be vague. Every team member has a different idea as to what it means. But a future picture is specific and measurable - a place everyone can see and get to. When the destination is clear, people are drawn to it. It is a powerful motivator. Anyone on a team can look at it and answer questions necessary to their role in achieving it. Imagine what your company will achieve when everyone is thinking and working on their piece of a common future picture. Let Afterburner's business motivational speaker, Jim Murphy, align your company vision today.

Utilizing a project execution plan is critical for your company's survival.

Execution is life or death for fighter pilots. They have to walk, talk and live Flawless Execution℠ during every mission. Fighter pilots must work with a staff of hundreds - coordinating, communicating and flawlessly utilizing a project execution plan for every mission. In the same way that Flawless Execution℠ aligns our military, it will align your organization.

What if a strategy execution process could bring a sense of strategic urgency to your entire organization?

It is absolutely possible - business motivational speaker Jim Murphy has proven it by teaching our military's methods to businesses around the world. Through the knowledge introduced by Afterburner's project execution plan, more than 1.5 million business leaders have discovered the power of Flawless Execution℠. Through our extensive strategy execution process, they now know how to hardwire strategy to tactics, with comprehensive teambuilding skills to align their team in the same direction.

Driving excitement about the project execution plan down through the ranks.

Our Flawless Execution℠ seminar is much more than an average keynote speech. It is an interactive lesson about a project execution plan that will energize your managers, allowing them to strive for organizational alignment. And your troops won't just be energized for the day - they will be motivated and educated to make important changes on the job. The result creates teams that can utilize the strategy execution process daily against critical leverage points, generating massive momentum toward a desired future picture.

Teams resist change. Flawless Execution℠ makes change appealing and exciting.

Jim Murphy, our experienced business motivational speaker, will teach leaders how to find critical leverage points internally and externally. These "Centers of Gravity" are where your limited resources gain the most impact. Charging teams while attacking these points in parallel - all at once - powerfully motivates members because they can see the positive results. Think about the results produced in your business with every team member applying their energy and focus to key leverage points.

Business motivational speaker Jim Murphy provides valuable tools necessary for a project execution plan.

You're spending valuable time to get all of your people together, so you will want to ensure that every piece of our program will generate ROI. Luckily, we do not lead a typical leadership seminar - we will teach your team a detailed project execution plan, providing members with a powerful catalyst to get your leaders thinking in new ways about their roles. Our strategy execution process will equip your team members to act effectively in the new paradigm and the ROI will be obvious when your troops are back at the office and the company begins advancing flawlessly on mission critical objectives.

A Flawless Execution℠ seminar made believable and achievable.

Your company deserves more than an average speech from an average keynote speaker to inspire team members. Book our leading business motivational speaker, Jim Murphy, to teach your managers how to "Lead Flawless Execution from the Top." They'll discover a lasting source of motivation through a valuable project execution plan -- for themselves and everyone on their team.

To schedule a project execution plan seminar with business motivational speaker Jim Murphy or for more information, call us today at (404) 835-3500, or contact our corporate team building firm. Additionally, you can learn about other Afterburner team building activities led by a knowledgeable business motivational speaker.

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