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Home Page - Discover the positive effects that corporate team building has on your organization.
About Us - See how Afterburner became the leader in leading-edge team building events.
Programs - Find the right strategic planning, leadership, and team building activities for every workplace demand.
Keynotes - Find immediate business relevance with our quick, intuitive corporate seminars.
Plan.Brief.Execute.Debrief = Win: A Fighter Pilot's Secret to Business Success - Our experts offer guidance to help improve business performance management.
Leading Flawless Execution from the Top - Our knowledgeable business motivational speaker will help you and your team integrate the powerful tools of Flawless Execution into your organization.
Flawless Sales Execution - Our motivational keynote speakers teach you and your team how to make sales the right way.
Team Building Programs - Begin working as a solid unit with our interactive, fast-paced motivational seminars.
Afterburner Day - Embark on a day long employee team building journey with our keynote speakers.
Leaning Forward - This motivational team building event teaches your team how to operate as a cohesive unit to get things done.
Mach 2 - Learn how to communicate and execute missions better during this team building seminar.
Strategy and Execution Programs - Acquire the tools needed to reach the finish line with Afterburner's team building workshops.
Organizational Execution Workshop (OrgEx) - Discover the secrets behind effective business strategy execution.
Business Planning Workshop - This interactive team building exercise is not a lecture - you create mission critical plans yourself.
Debrief Workshop - Our professional motivational speaker helps you overcome the pitfalls of executive failures.
Individual Programs - Gain helpful, forward-looking corporate training and development skills to lead your team to success.
Corporate Coaching - Get effective one-on-one leadership and management training.
Leading Flawless Execution - Business and corporate leadership development.
Leading High Performing Teams - High-impact executive team building.
Leading Flawless Sales Execution - Workshops about sales execution planning.
Leading Large Scale Initiatives - In-depth organizational strategic planning.
Flawless Execution University - Afterburner's executive leadership training.
Crew - Meet our corporate team building consultants.
Clients - Learn more about the organizations around the world that have taken part in our leadership and team building programs.

Business Team Training - Learn about our Black Ops training seminars to improve teamwork.
Healthcare Team Building - Attend our patient safety training programs to reduce medical errors.
Occupational Safety Training - Learn safety team building techniques to thrive in high-risk environments.
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Complexity: The Execution Challenge You Don't See - An article about strategic planning issues faced by management consulting firms.
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Contact Us - Lean more about our corporate team building firm.
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