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Afterburner, Inc. Holds Elite Leadership Development Training Session for New York Giants and Coaches

NFL Player Engagement Program Partners with Afterburner, Inc. to Provide Experiential Learning Sessions for Professional Football Players


Atlanta, GA - November 1, 2011 - Afterburner, Inc., a leading corporate team building, training, and consulting firm based in Atlanta, Ga., and the global authority on the Flawless Execution℠ model recently held a two-day Leadership Development Training Session for the coaches and players of the New York Giants. For these experiential learning sessions, Afterburner partnered with the NFL Player Engagement program, which provides a 360-degree experience for athletes to use football as a catalyst to move through all phases of life successfully. PE is a trusted resource for a player and his family, emphasizing continuous evolution, supporting an athlete as he becomes a well-rounded and productive athlete-citizen.

Afterburner's most senior fighter pilot consultant, Jim "Murph" Murphy, and highly-skilled wingmen, Scott Taylor and Jim "Boots" Demarest, led the comprehensive Leadership Development Training Session. The interactive adult experiential learning program began with preparatory workshops for the New York Giants coaches on October 17. On October 18, "Murph," "Boots" and Taylor worked with the team individually and in offensive and defensive groups. "Boots" facilitated the extensive Leadership Development Training Session, emphasizing important skills such as leadership accountability and teamwork as core components of all stages of the player's lives, including player development in the NFL, their time with the New York Giants and future careers in life.

The players were also taught the zero-tolerance-for-error Flawless Execution℠ model of Plan, Brief, Execute and Debrief as a means for the New York Giants to accelerate their pursuit of excellence, reach the playoffs and win Super Bowl XLVI. The Flawless Execution℠ model is responsible for revolutionizing the ways that many companies and organizations conduct business in a high-risk, fast-paced business environment, and can also be utilized in everyday situations with Afterburner's Flight Plan for Life.

"The Afterburner, Inc. Leadership Development Training presentation was unique, energetic and inspirational," said Tom Coughlin, head coach for the New York Giants. "The debriefing concept vital to pilots for survival intrigues us as to its potential application in the highly-competitive world of professional football."

"Afterburner's partnership with the NFL Player Engagement program is effective in that we can teach the New York Giants that the NFL is not an end-state, but a crucial transitory check-point in each player's Flight Plan for Life," said Jim "Boots" Demarest. "We were thrilled to hold experiential learning sessions with the renowned players and coaches, and wish the team all the best as they pursue the Super Bowl championship."

To learn more about Afterburner's Leadership Development Training Session, or the Flawless Execution℠ model, please visit or call 404-835-3500. To learn more about the NFL Player Engagement Program, please visit

About Afterburner Empower

Afterburner is a group of elite military professionals and military fighter pilots who train leaders to use Flawless Execution tools and techniques. Staying alive and prospering in today's hostile business environment is a necessary skill - but most companies don't have it. With a proven track record of success, Afterburner is skilled in creating ROI in companies around the world. Producing some of the highest impact keynotes and employee team building programs available, Afterburner helps companies stay focused on Flawless Execution principles, including Empower, which highlights keynote speeches and the legendary "Afterburner Day" team-building experience. For more information on Empower, please visit

About NFL Player Engagement

The NFL Player Engagement program provides a 360-degree experience for athletes, offering support through all stages of life. PE empowers athletes and their families, assisting the athlete with his evolution into a productive athlete-citizen. The five core areas of the NFL Player Engagement program include career development, career transition, continuing education, financial education and player assistance services. For more information about the NFL Player Engagement program, please visit


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