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Business Team Training with the Navy SEALs and Special Operatorsbusiness team training

Afterburner's elite team of Navy SEALs and Special Forces Operators teach your team to execute and win with our high-energy business team training program. Our Black Ops training seminar is an experiential team building program led by highly-skilled Navy SEALs, 160th SOAR, Rangers and other Special Operations members that draw from first-hand experiences to help your staff improve teamwork, close execution gaps and thrive and survive in rapidly-changing environments.

Our Navy SEAL team building speakers use interactive keynotes and experiential Black Ops training events to engage and focus your corporate teams to achieve operational excellence. During Afterburner's business team training sessions, attendees will hear stories about real-world missions that they can use to succeed in any environment, utilizing the tools they learn during our seminars to overcome challenges and improve teamwork.

Learn more about our exciting Black Operations training sessions - call 404-835-3500 to schedule your mission!

Special Operations and Black Ops Training Seminars

Our Black Ops training seminars teach corporate teams the zero-tolerance-for-error Flawless Execution℠ methodology used in real-life missions to Plan, Brief, Execute and Debrief flawlessly. Using state-of-the-art technology, Afterburner's business team training seminars use custom-developed DigiMap software, iPod touches and more to lead attendees through a high-energy HALO jump and a real-world hostage rescue scenario with high-definition special operations video footage.

Through exciting experiential Black Operations training exercises, your corporate team will benefit from improved teamwork to drive initiative, accountability and achievement. Our elite Navy SEAL team building consultants will work side-by-side with attendees, helping your corporate team to work as a cohesive unit in real military situations where failure is not an option. Your team will learn these Flawless Execution℠ tools and techniques and will be able to apply them in any situation - now and in the future.

Call today to align your team or to learn more about experiential business team training with highly-skilled Black Ops members.