About Us

Afterburner is a team of fighter pilots who train organizations to empower themselves with tools and techniques for flawless execution. This team of 50 includes men

and women who have proven that they have the skill to stay alive in the real world, and also in today’s competitive business world. We are not trainers who create hype about American patriotism. Rather, we focus on flawless execution.

Our slogan “Leading the World’s Top Corporations to Flawless Execution” is not just made of words, but of the spirit behind our team, located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada Australia, China and India.

Our Flawless Execution Model

We start off with a plan that has a clear, measurable objective. The plan should be achievable and support your company’s goals and strategy.

Once you brief us about the plan, your employees, or front liners, should be aware of expectations so that they can really perform well.

Execution of the plan involves facing the reality of the plan and avoiding task saturation. Task saturation leads to performance decrease, so managing priorities is important.

Next is debriefing, where whatever has worked is rehashed, what didn’t work is analysed and the good and bad are considered, without fear of reprimand. Key lessons are learned from this so that they can be applied in the next plan.

Our Mission

Afterburner Seminars’ mission is to help businesses with the survival skills needed in today’s challenging world. Our team of combat-proven fighter pilots apply the same strategies that they have used to achieve victory, to business scenarios. Our programs draw similarities between fighter pilots and business scenarios where a simulated combat mission is drawn out, and success is analysed by learning how to remove task saturation, understanding risk, go ahead with a mission plan and finally, have a debriefing. Our aim is to help organizations enhance communication, motivation, leadership skills and problem-solving capabilities as a team. We also work towards assisting employees prioritize tasks and embrace change, all of which are necessary survival skills.

Our Achievements

Afterburner Seminars has a proven track record of success. Here are some of our achievements.

  • Started in 1996, Afterburner has grown to span over the whole world today and is a huge business phenomenon.
  • We are often termed as the best speakers who are highly in demand, and especially so by Meetings and Conventions Magazine.
  • We have been featured often in big business media around the world, such as Business Week, CNN, The Wall Street Journal and CNBC.
  • We’ve been on the list of 500 fastest growing companies twice, by Inc.
  • Of the Fortune 500 companies, we’ve trained over 100 to successfully our winning plan.
  • Out client testimonial is growing, and speaks in greater volumes than we ever can.

The Future

We believe that every organization can succeed when it is well motivated and incited to open new avenue to keep employees happy. Motivating employees is not a one-time affair, but rather, is an on-going strategy. Since business can be a danger zone similar to combat, we focus on helping all members of a team work together strategically towards success.

Founded by ace fighter pilot Jim Murphy, Afterburner has grown to be a worldwide phenomenon and we intend to expand our services to give companies the knowledge they need to fly ahead of others. We aim at being a force to reckon with as we work along with companies to inspire leadership and teamwork for better performance.

We believe every company can rise out of the disruption wrought by change, and we help you rise from the ashes and into the crimson clouds of success.