Keeping employees happy and motivated is the first step to running a successful organization. Google has taken motivation to a whole new level, giving the fortunate employees who are working with them, a dream job atmosphere.

In 2014, it was voted the best company to work for by Fortune Magazine and the Great Place to Work Institute. As years have gone by, Google has held its spot at the top, and here is how the Google way of motivation has worked.

1. Amazing Perks And Benefits

Apart from the usual perks that most companies have, Google has gone one step ahead by offering employees financial support for adopting a child as well as maternity benefits for up to 18 weeks with full pay. They also reimburse employees up to $5000 for legal expenses! Added to this, they have a gourmet kitchen with free lunch and dinner made up of tasty yet healthy meals. There is also on-site bike repair, car wash, oil change, a gym, dry cleaning, hair stylist and even a massage therapist at the company’s headquarters. If these aren’t incentives enough to work hard, what else is?!

2. Work Freedom And Flexibility

Google doesn’t believe in policing its employees and gives them freedom to exercise discretion as to their hours of work and whether they would like to take a bit of time off to spend at the gym or massage center. 20% of an employee’s time is also given to them to do what they like, as long as it is ethical, or lawful, and may even include just sleeping. Additionally, employees have the flexibility to select the projects they work on. So no one is forced to work on what they dislike, and when employees take ownership of tasks and work out unique ways to handle them, there is greater creativity. The dress code too is relaxed, adding to the psychological benefits of working at Google.

3. Voice And Value

Google is a democratic company and employees are given voice and value. There are employee forums on all Fridays where employees can express their thoughts. There are also a number of channels of communication where even Google leaders can be interacted with. There are periodic surveys through Googlegeist where staff can express their concerns and problems. Added to all of this, employees are often asked about their managers. Based on feedback, managers are coached to perform better and the staff they handle are motivated to perform better.

4. Inspiring Work Balanced With Fun

One of the many reasons for lack of motivation among workers is a result of a monotonous job with little or no growth prospects. At Google, though, things are different. It has an 80-20 rule, where 20% of projects of one’s own interest can be opted for. For example, an employee named Chade-Ment Tan wanted to work towards world peace. He worked to create a course on mindfulness that went on to be a massive success and even became a huge hit within Google. He went on to become a bestselling author, while working at Google.


Balancing out fun with work is also a key part of this company’s work atmosphere. Several activity sections keep employees occupied and healthy when they are not working. Some of these include beach volleyball, wall climbing and bowling. There is also an open house for tricks on every April Fool’s Day, with employees pulling gags on the world.